Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Florida Grown
Florida's first olive mill
Harvest... September!
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Located in North Central Florida, just a few miles from the Historic Suwannee River, we are Florida's largest Olive Farm with over 20,000 trees. Founded in 2012, we expect our first commercial harvest in 2016 from which we will produce the freshest extra virgin olive oil available in the state. Florida Olive Farms is family owned and operated.
Shop Online
Buying Florida Olive Farms' products on-line will be available later this Fall after our first harvest. To be notified when our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is available sign up for email updates below at the lower right of the page! The first harvest will be small and supplies limited. EVOO be will offered on a first come basis so sign up early.

If you are interested in offering Florida Olive Farms' Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your store or restaurant contact us at
Milling Services
Our mill will be operational for the Fall 2015 Harvest. If you are interested in Milling with us let us know!
Events and Festivals
We love food... if there is an event or festival in your area you would like us to attend let us know –
Thank you! We will keep in touch.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do olives become olive oil?
Olives are turned into olive oil using an olive mill. A mill washes and crushes the olive to form olive pomace. The pomace is then mixed and sent through a decanture which separates the oil from the pomace and water.
What is extra virgin olive oil
The Olive Oil Times has some good information explaining the different grades and qualities of olive oil.

more to come...
Weather Station
For more information about the conditions at Florida Olive Farms follow the link below:

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